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I'm gonna learn to Blog!!!

So I am trying to make this website fun and easy to navigate whilst putting some fun blogs on. I am guessing blogs are fun stories and memories so I have plenty of those on a weekly basis so here goes!! Wish me luck x

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I’m on a mission to be the fittest wedding and party singer around for a man of my age 🕺 check out my fun Tik Tok’s

Today we got our Wi-Fi installed so I can now work faster on my future projects 😊Its a great day for the whole family 🕺💃🎉🥳 Now let’s get my website finished and promote myself to the universe 🎵

Let’s see if this works up 5am today Wi-Fi being installed and a surprise party for our daughters birthday later 🥳 I might even sing my smash hit Happy Happy Birthday 🎉 Happy Tuesday 💜

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